Fertility treatment

Who can be treatet for infertility

Acoording to the Danish law you can receive treatment until the female turns 46 years.

There is no need for a referrel from your own doctor to receive fertilitytreatment.

If you consider starting fertility treatment​ at Freya Fertility, we start by offering you a conversation and a preliminary examination.

Prior to this, we ask you to fill out the electronic questionnaire from our website. Also we ask you to send us a copy of any  journal from previous fertility treatments (including stimulation- and flow chart)

​Please contact us by phone or via e-mail, so we can make an appointment.

Conversation/preliminary examination

Your preliminary examination will start with a conversation with our doctor. The conversation is based upon your completed questionnaire and any journal from previous fertility treatments.​

After the conversation, the female will have an UL-Scan of the uterus and ovaries - to make sure that everything is normal, before you can start treatment.

If the male has not previous done a semen analysis, he will be offered this.


Based on the findings, we will make a personalised treatment plan for you.

We will inform you if additional blood tests or any other examinations are needed.

Do you have any questions?​

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Make an appointment 

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We are always ready to answer your questions.

It can be a difficult situation, when fighting against involuntary infertility. We are always ready to help and give advice.

You are welcome to send us an e-mail or please feel free to call our fertility clinic at 

+ 45 70 70 20 75

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