The first conversation

Initially you will have a noncommittal conversation with one of our experienced specialists. They will talk to you about your current situation and about former treatments, if you have had any.

​An ultrasound of the uterus and ovaries is done, and your general state of health will be reviewed. Further more an overview of examinations that possibly might be lacking will be made, before you and your partner can start treatment.

In accordance to the above mentioned, you will talk about the upcomming treatment. Maybe you are already clarified and ready to start treatment, or maybe you need to think it over once more, before deciding.

​If you have previously attented infertility treatment in another clinic, we ask you to retrieve a copy of your journal, incl. stimulation charts and lab charts, which describes the development of the embryos and a description of the sperm quality (not from donor sperm).

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It can be a difficult situation, when fighting against involuntary infertility. We are always ready to help and give advice.

You are welcome to send us an e-mail or please feel free to call our fertility clinic at 

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