Oocyte donation – Donate or recieve oocytes from donor

A couple tells their story about their change from IVF to egg donation treatment

We are lucky enough to share a personal and honest story from a couple who are now parents to a beautiful baby son born after egg donation.

Initially, the couple only wanted to be treated with their own eggs, but along the way their views and wishes changed.

Below we publish Heidi and Tomas' story about their "journey" through their fertility treatment.

The couple describes their experience, feelings and thoughts during the treatment process so well.

"When we came for the first consultation at the clinic, egg donation was mentioned as an option. We quickly decided that it wasn't an option for us. If we didn't succeed with IVF, we just had to accept that we would have to bow to biology and our advanced age.​

Our happiness as a couple shouldn't depend on having a child.

What we also didn't realise was all the emotions we were going through: hope, hopelessness, frustration, sadness, inadequacy. All this along with an enormous strength and determination to succeed. Fertility treatment is not for fun and requires a lot from both parties, both physically and mentally.

We had conversations with the midwives and doctor at Freya and learnt a lot about the topic. We were able to verbalise our feelings, personal attitudes, ethical dilemmas and thoughts about receiving eggs from another woman.

​We read about women who were egg donors and their reasons for donating eggs. We read about other couples who had received eggs.

And last but not least, we were introduced to a whole new concept and word, epigenetics and its research. We delved into scientific articles on the subject.

We succeeded on the first attempt and in September our Valdemar arrived.​

Never during the pregnancy or after the birth did the fear of whether I would be able to love this child in the same way as if it was my own egg ever crossed my mind. From the first time I felt life, he was mine/ours. Our miracle. ❤

Love, Tomas og Heidi”​

Freya Fertility is situated in Herning,  the heart of Jutland and we would like to help you, whether you wish to donate oocytes or to receive oocytes from donor.

Oocyte donation is used, if:

  • ​you are not able to produce oocytes of sufficient quality.
  • ​you suffer from a genetic condition/disease, that you do not want to pass on to your children.

In oocyte donation, oocytes from another woman is fertilized with your partners semen, and then transferred to your uterus.

A woman, who donates oocytes, is the biological mother of the child, but legally the motherhood is transferred to the recipient of the oocyte.

What is the procedure for oocyte donation.

Oocytes are retrieved from oocyte donor and fertilized with sperm from the partner of the recipient or sperm from a donor (double donation). The embryos are then cultured in an EmbryoScope for 5 days, and the ones evolved to blastocysts are being frozen.

Afterwards the recipient is being primed, so that an embryo can be transferred to her uterus. If the recipient has a very regular cycle, the transfer can be made in a natural cycle (without hormone stimulation).

If the recipient does not have a regular cycle, the endometrium will be primed using tablets containing Estradiol supplemented with progesterone (vaginally) before transferring the embryo.

Sometimes the oocyte donor and the oocyte recipient can be synchronized,

so the embryos are transferred fresh and the freezing part is left out. (Right now there are restrictions due to Corona virus)

What are the rules for donating oocytes?

According to the Health Departments guidelines an oocyte donor must be between 18-35 years old. She can be the biological mother of max. 12 children, and it is recommended, that an oocyte donor donates oocytes no more than 6 times. An oocyte donor can choose to be anonymous, non-anonymous or known.

  • ​An anonymous oocyte donor is not known to the oocyte recipient, but the recipient can have information about the skin tone, hair color, eye color, height, weight, and age of the donor.
  • ​A non-anonymous oocyte donor is allowed to give the recipient more information, and the child is allowed to contact the oocyte donor, when the child is 18 years old. (open donation).
  • A known oocyte donor is typically a donor, that the recipient knows. This means, that you can bring your own oocyte donor, if you are in need of treatment with oocyte donation. Your mother or your daughter can not donate oocytes, but your sister, a friend or another family member can. The oocyte donor can not be closely related to your husband, as it increases the risk of genetic disease/conditions in the child. ​

Freya Fertility offers all of these above mentioned oocyte donations.

​To donate oocytes, the donor must enter an IVF treatment.

​Double donation

The laws of Denmark allow double donation, meaning donation of both oocytes and sperm. When using double donation at least one of the donors shall be non- anonymous (open). This allows the child to get some information about its ancestry later.

Age limit for any kind of oocyte recipients in Denmark is up to 46 years.

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​Freya Fertility fortjener de største anbefalinger! Vi valgte Freya grundet lang ventetid ved det offentlige, og det har vi ikke fortrudt et sekund! 

Vi blev mødt af et empatisk, forstående og super professionelt personale, som havde fokus på os som par, og hvad der var den bedste løsning for os!

Vi blev gravide i 2. insemineringsforsøg, og vores dejlige tvillinger kom til verden d. 22 september 2021.

Bare en kæmpe anbefaling herfra!

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