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The cause of infertility can be found either in the female or in the male, sometimes in both. In 15-20% of the cases, all tests/examinations are normal, and the infertility is unexplained.

Male infertility can often be explained by an insufficient production of normal sperm. This can be caused by genetic conditions, but also environmental conditions and lifestyle might be a part of the reason.

If you wish to start a fertility treatment, a semen analysis is a part of the diagnostics. The analysis is done in our laboratory and based on the result, we recommend the optimal treatment for you, so you can fulfill your dreams om becomming parents.

If you only have a wish / are curious  to know about your fertility, you can book an appointment for fertility counselling, in which a semen analysis is included.

If your sperm count is severely reduced, further testing should be done, e.g chromosome testing, hormone status and an ultrasound of the testicles. Further diagnosis should be done by an andrologist (expert in male infertility).​

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