Treatment overview

The fertility treatment is tailored to fit your needs, and our specialist will follow you closely all the way, to make sure you get the best treatment and feel safe, to ensure the best chances of obtaing pregnancy. You are always welcome to contact us during the treatment, if you should have any questions.

Hormone treatment

To increase the chances of a successful fertility treatment, hormone treatment is always used in IVF-/ICSI-treatment and mostly also in insemination treatments.

Stimulating the hormones will increase the follicle growth, allowing more oocytes to mature in the ovaries at the same time. The hormone treatment is done as an injection once a day, for the amount of days, agreed with the fertility specialist, often 11-13 days. Without any problems, you can inject yourself at home. Our team will thoroughly guide you, so you feel safe doing it yourself. After approximately 7 days with medicine, the size and number of the follicles are checked by doing an ultrasound, and if needed, the hormone dose will be adjusted if needed.

The egg aspiration is planned, when there is at least 3 or more mature follicles. Sometimes an extra ultrasound is needed a couple of days later, before the egg aspiration can be planned.

Ovulation injection

When the follicles are mature, you must inject an ovulation stimulating hormone which fully matures the oocytes. The injection is very important and must be done at home at a certain time, which we inform you about.

If unfortunately, you forget to inject the ovulation stimulation hormone, it is not possible to retrieve the oocytes when aspirating, and this cycle must be cancelled.

Egg aspiration

Approximately 36 hours after the ovulation the mature eggs can be retrieved from the ovaries. The aspiration itself, only lasts about 10-15 minutes, and you will receive local anesthesia during the process helping to minimize any discomfort.

The egg aspiration is done trans vaginal and is guided by ultrasound. The fertility specialist is carefully probing a thin needle through the top of the vagina and into the follicles. The follicles are close to each other, and often only one or two pinches are necessary on each side. You are awake during the process, and can follow the ultrasound on the screen, but most likely you feel a bit drowsy from the local anesthesia.

After the egg aspiration you must rest for at least half an hour in the clinic. When you feel ready, you may go home. You will probably be tired the rest of the day and feel the need to rest. You might experience pain like when menstruating, and a small amount of bleeding is also normal.

Semen sample

The man deliveres a fresh semen sample on the day of the egg aspiration..

Fertilizing the eggs

The day of egg retrieval, they are fertilized in the laboratory either by IVF og ICSI. We use the fresh semen sample from the man. In case a donor has to be used, the frozen sperm has been recieved in the laboratory prior to the aspiration.

We closely supervice this proces in the laboratory and place the fertilized eggs in an incubator for culturing. Freya Fertility is using the new EmbryoScope+ technique  for culturing the embryos, to increasing your chances to become pregnant.

Embryo transfer

If the fertilization has succeded and there is a suitable embryo to transfer, the day for transferring the embryo is planned (2-5 days after egg aspiration).

The embryo transfer is usually done without any pain, and only lasts a couple of minutes. Usually only one embryo is transferred. It is done like a gynecological examination, where the fertility specialist is inserting af thin catheter through the cervix canal and places the embryo (surrounded by a bit of air and some fluid) in the uterine cavity.

If there are other high quality embryos than the one being transferred, they will be frozen for you to use later, if you wish so.

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