Our Midwife at the clinic

​Maj-Britt Mortensen

Maj-Britt graduated as a midwife in 2001 and has been working at maternity wards both in Denmark and abroad for ten years. She also has been working with gynecology and as a scanning midwife. Maj-Britt has been working in private fertility clinics for four years. She speaks Danish, German and English.

“You will meet me at the initial visit for insemination treatment, at the actual insemination, at scans and at IVF-treatments, where I am assisting the doctor.

I look forward to following you on your journey to become pregnant”.

Signe Havskov Sejersbøl


Signe is a trained midwife (since 2014). Previously she worked at the maternity ward in Herning.

“I look forward to meet you here in the clinic. Together with my colleagues I will do my very best to safely help you through the fertility process at Freya Fertility”


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